Key planning and Policy documents

National Document


Revised Constitution

Imyanzuro y'inama y'igihugu y'umushyikirano ya 13 ukuboza, 21-22,2015

Gross domestic product national accounts 2013 Q3

EICV4 Social protection and VUP report

Vision 2020


Governance and Decentralisation Sector Working Group

Backward Looking Joint Sector Review Report - FY2015-2016

Governance and Decentralization Joint Sector Review ; Forward Looking Report 2016-2017

Governance and Decentralization Joint Sector Review ; Forward Looking Report 2017-2018


Social Protection Sector Working Group

Social Protection Forward Looking Joint Sector Review Forward Looking Report 2016-2017



Decentralization Implementation Plan (DIP) 2011 – 2015

National decentralization policy, June 2012

National decentralization policy, May 2001


Community Development

National Strategy for Community Development and Economic Development, 2013-2018

Community Development Policy, Revised version, April 2008


Social Protection

National Social Protection Strategy, January2011

Amabwiriza ya MUSA


Rural Settlement

Progress Made and Main Achievements Registered From 2009 to 2013

National human settlement policy, May 2009

Implementation of rural settlement policy

Terms of reference guiding the campaign.


Action Plans

procurement Plan 2014-2015

Procurement Plan 2013-2014

Single Action Plan 2012-2013

Single action plan for fiscal year 2010/2011



Assessment of Local Democracy and Local Governance Benchmarking Rwanda Against Aberdeen Principles, April 2013.

Districts imihigo evaluation report 2011 – 2012 ,August 2012

Districts imihigo evaluation report 2010-2011, July 23rd2011


Laws and rulings

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