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24.09.2017 00:00 Category: MINALOC News


September 24, 2017


The Minister of State for Socio-economic Development in the Ministry of Local Government, Hon. Harelimana Cyriaque, held a two-day official field visit in Muhanga and Nyanza Districts to observe socio-economic projects in both districts.


On Tuesday he interacted with Muhanga town residents in citizen outreach program where he received and solved some of their complaints.


Most of the complaints were illegal houses construction and land-related conflicts.


“We cannot tolerate illegal activities; in case you don’t understand the rules and regulations, seek clarifications from relevant local leaders instead of carrying out illegal activities which may cost you high. The leaders are here to facilitate you”, he told the residents.


On Wednesday, he launched construction activities of 4.9 Km tarmac roads within Muhanga town.


He appealed to the contractors and supervising company to ensure that; Rwandans get quality roads for national prosperity and he urged the youth to take advantage of the opportunity for employment.


“We’re expecting to have quality roads which will last at least 20 years before repair works can start. To the young men and women, this is the opportunity for them to get jobs and enhance their skills as well as savings for investment”, Harelimana said.


He also visited agricultural projects in Nyanza where he interacted with district leaders and farmers.


Hon. Harelimana commended the initiatives by young men to grow chili pepper, watermelon, pineapple, cassava, maize etc on irrigated and terraced land.


He requested the officials to support farmers’ cooperatives and put in place mechanism to improve their welfare in terms of socio-economic development through increased productivity and sustainable agribusiness.