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08.06.2011 08:53 Category: MINALOC News


The Rwanda National Police (RNP) traffic department launched the ‘Road Safety Week,’ warning that the government will introduce tough measures against those violating traffic regulations.

The launch took place on June 06, 2011 in Nyarugenge District, Nyamirambo road. It was presided over by the Minister of Local Government, Honorable James Musoni, who said that road security should be the role of everyone, and not only the National Police.

In his speech, the Minister said that, “Government will continue building infrastructure and encouraging the population to respect laws, but the community also has its role to play.”

“Where necessary, new penalties and laws will be enacted to protect our population and to avoid unnecessary loss of lives due to road accidents”, Minister James MUSONI added.

Road Safety Week is an annual event aimed at raising awareness to enforce road security. It is also aimed at advising road users to fine tune their road culture in the interest of their own safety and that of others.

The Inspector General of Police, Emmanuel Gasana, said that about 1,095 deaths and 30,000 injuries were registered over the last three years due to traffic accidents.

“This is because of violating traffic rules – over-speeding, reckless driving, and drunk-driving. This is a problem that needs everyone to get on board to deal with it effectively,” Gasana said.

Fidele Ndayisaba, the Mayor of the City of Kigali, explained that traffic accidents are one of the major threats to security in the City. Most of the accidents registered in the country take place in Kigali city where more than 70 percent of registered vehicles are located.

According to police statistics, a total of 277 traffic accidents were registered across the country in the first three months this year, with 72 percent of them in the City of Kigali.

Ndayisaba also warned motorists who distort the city’s beauty by knocking down electric poles and trees that they would be fined accordingly.

“We are committed to implement all the laws to ensure a secure country, Kigali in particular,” noted Ndayisaba.

Minister MUSONI James emphasized that a passenger should not be afraid of reporting any driver who is contravening road traffic laws. He thanked the Police for their continued efforts in ensuring community safety and he reiterated the Government’s commitment to ensure security for all Rwandans. He pledged the Government’s support to this initiative.