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14.06.2011 14:00 Category: MINALOC News

Performance contracts evaluation kicks off

“Performance contracts based approach “Imihigo” is one of the key tools that are being used by the Government of Rwanda, in order to accelerate the implementation of the Vision 2020 and other priority programs, mainly the Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy and Millennium Development Goals”, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Local Government, Mr Cyrille TURATSINZE, has said.

The remark was made while addressing the press conference at the Ministry’s head offices in Kacyiru, Kigali, on the 10th June 2011.

During the same press conference, which was attended to by different media practitioners, national and international, the Permanent Secretary announced that the evaluation by the national team was to kick off on the following Monday, June 13th 2011.


The evaluation will take one month long, that is from Monday, 13thJune, 2011 to July 08th, 2011.

Present to the press briefing were some of the members of the evaluation team, mainly representatives of the President’s Office, Prime Minister’s Office, MINECOFIN, and other stakeholders.

According to the Permanent Secretary, the evaluation of these Imihigo, is very important.

”This evaluation helps us to assess the progress in implementation of districts set targets, identify the major challenges that impede their effective implementation, and allows us to find solutions to different challenges being faced on the ground. It is also an opportunity for them to prepare for future Imihigo, basing on lessons leant from the previous evaluations,” he insisted.

The annual performance of all districts in relation to implementation of their Imihigo is evaluated by a national evaluation team, composed of different institutions.

 In the past years, the team was restricted to representatives of the President’s Office, the Prime Minister’s Office, MINALOC, MINECOFIN, RALGA, Rwanda Governance Advisory Council, Provinces and Kigali City, as well as the Civil Society Organizations and the Private Sector Federation.

This year has seen a change; in addition to last year’s members, the team has been extended to other key stakeholders, namely MINAGRI, MINEDUC, MINICOM, MININFRA, MINIRENA and MINISANTE.

The Permanent Secretary explained the reasons behind the enlargement of the team.

”As the country is developing, its programs also develop. The methods used in 2006 can not be the same used in 2011. It depends on the country’s progress. Besides, this is a spirit of comprehensive planning and joint effort. We can’t talk about Education, without talking about Health (…) “, Cyrille TURATSINZE said.

In previous years, each district was given one day of evaluation but this year each district is given two days. The first day, team members have to analyze and evaluate Imihigo realized targets (Districts document) and on the second day, the teams will be going on the ground for verification.

Rwandans were urged about the ownership of the whole process. Media community was invited to participate massively in this process by informing Rwanda about what is happening during this evaluation. Rwandans are asked to play a significant role in the preparation of Imihigo and in their evaluation.