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08.08.2011 15:45 Category: MINALOC News

Sector Executive Secretaries Leadership Development Training Kicks Off

Middle: Hon. Minister MUSONI James Speaking during the official opening ITORERO ISONGA, Left: RUCAGU Boniface Chairman Itorero task force , Right: Aimé BOSENIBAMWE Governor Northern Province

On 7th August 2011, at Nkumba Peace and Leadership Academy in Burera District, Minister of Local Government Hon. James MUSONI officially launched the Leadership Development Training for Sector Executive Secretaries and District Experts in charge of Good Governance. This training has brought 437 trainees and will be closed on 26th August 2011.

This training is the second of its kind; the first one took place from 8th April to 5th August 2008 where they derived a name Itorero ISONGA.

Itorero ISONGA has been organized purposely to reinforce, strengthen and equip Sector Executive Secretaries and District experts in charge of Good Governance with basics expected of a transformational and revolutionary leader. Such basics include being innovative, dynamic, change agents, proactive, committed and visionary.

You are the people we want to transform into Leaders ideologically and give you leadership and technical skills to ably discharge your assigned duties and responsibilities within your respective Sectors but to be transformational and revolutionary Leaders requires you to have a clear, focused and positive ideological line characterized by values of Unity, Patriotism, Selflessness, Integrity, Responsibility, Humility, Truth, Respect, Mutual Support and Democratic Governance” stressed Hon. Musoni James.

Minister James MUSONI appreciated Sector Executive Secretaries for their great contribution in national development in different areas like Agricultural production and productivity, Implementing Pro Poor Programs (Girinka, VUP, Ubudehe), Umurenge SACCO, 9YBE, Mutuelle de Sante and many others. “Your invaluable contribution in Economy, Governance and Justice and Social Welfare Sectors is recognized and appreciated by all Rwandans and the top leadership headed by The President of the Republic” added James MUSONI.

This training will provide a baseline for them to learn and reflect on what they are expected of as a Leader of the People and Agent of Change/Transformation. “We expect you to internalize what you will be taught during this course, our confidence in you is very high to seeing many changes happening – being people centered in your respective Sectors and Districts and always zealous to make Rwanda an exemplary country in both good governance and development” said MUSONI.

Executive Secretaries are at the center in regard to coordination and implementation of Government programs where in this third of decentralization there will be an increase in human, material, and financial resources for local governments to deliver services, enhance governance for production, as well as promoting Local Economic Development (LED). The Sector is seen as a center of development and Government will give delegated powers to Executive Secretaries in financial management so as to meet Government expectations.

Government has accorded the necessary facilitation for you to improve your performance including transport facilitation. Use the accorded facilitation to meet expectations our top leadership and the people have towards you especially giving them quick and timely services, guidance, constant engagement of citizens in matters that affect them in their development and welfare” reaffirmed Minister MUSONI.

As centric Local Government Leaders coordinating Cells and Villages; you need to work hard to transform Rwanda where citizens consider it as a land of opportunities, a home they love, a community they belong to, and a Country they are proud to call their own emphasized James MUSONI.

To enhance performance management of trainees, at the end of this training, they will have to come up with Imihigo on collective and individual basis as a means to set their performance targets in different sectorial programs taught they are supposed to coordinate and orient their implementation.

In his welcome speech Governor of Northern Province BOSENIBAMWE Aime appreciated Government’s efforts and support extended to Local Governments manifested by the recent approval of facilitation packages to Local Governments including transport facilitation to Executive Secretaries by Cabinet. Governor attributed this to the visionary and good leadership of His Excellency, Paul KAGAME.

Governor applauded Hon. James MUSONI for all the initiatives and innovations his introducing in Local Governments in particular capacity building programs offered to Local Government Leaders so that they can ably discharge their duties and responsibilities.

Chairman Taskforce Itorero RUCAGU Boniface thanked Government of Rwanda’s continued efforts to build and instill patriotic and developmental values among various groups of Rwandans.

Executive Secretaries were told that all fundamentals have been put in place to enables us move to the next stage of development; what is only required of us is mindset change, being creative and innovative, promote people-centered development, stability, human capabilities, social capital, participation and active citizenship and civic engagement in achieving human development through mobilization and fully utilization of Factors of Production.