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16.10.2016 23:00 Category: MINALOC News


Hon Munyeshyaka hands over to Uwamariya Odette as Hon Dr Alivera Mukabaramba applauds

17 October 2016

Uwamariya Odette, who was the Governor of the Eastern Province since October 2011 took office from today as the new Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Local Government.

The handover ceremony was officiated by the Minister of State in charge of Social Affairs and Social Protection at MINALOC, Dr Mukabaramba Alivera.

Uwamariya Odette replaced Mr Munyeshyaka Vincent, who was promoted and appointed Minister of State in charge of Socio-Economic Development at the same Ministry.

At the same time, institutions affiliated to the Ministry of Local Government (MINALOC) signed performance contracts for the fiscal year 2016/2017. They were urged to enhance service delivery, among others.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Hon Munyeshyaka Vincent stressed the role of performance contracts. “The performance contracts are all about governance, service delivery and social protection. This is a commitment that we have all made and we have agreed to meet the required targets, but to do that, we must first work together,” he said.

Uwamariya Odette said that; she takes the new job as a mission continued from her previous assignment.

“Only that this is like an expanded mission but I believe, together with the team in place, we shall deliver. I have the experience, especially in coordination, so I don’t have any doubts. We need to focus and see that the little resources at our disposal are optimally deployed and I believe that meeting our targets is possible with a well-coordinated team,” she said.

Presiding over the handover ceremony, Dr Alvera Mukabaramba, said the new docket of socio-economic development will champion development programs that are inclusive.

“We have up to five institutions affiliated to the ministry that are responsible for social affairs and social protection; this is a vast area. The other issue of managing employees is something so vital. We are determined to see that we fulfill our responsibilities,” she said.