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09.12.2016 17:54 Category: MINALOC News

Nyamasheke development is in your hands – Minister Kaboneka

Minister Kaboneka lecturing

On Wednesday and Thursday, the Minister of Local Government, Hon. KABONEKA Francis, though his lecture on involvement of each local leader in Rwanda’s good governance and socio-economic development, told Nyamasheke local leaders who are undergoing National Itorero Programme for six days, that the destiny of Nyamasheke district lies within their hands.

The Intore praised Rwanda’s socio-economic achievements in last 22 years due to good governance and visionary leadership of H.E Paul Kagame who, after 1994 genocide against Tutsi, put in place Government of National Unity, repatriated refugees and promoted inclusiveness in all programmes for all Rwandans without any discrimination.

Nyiratebuka Vestine said: “I am one of the marginalized people but I am grateful for our President Kagame who emancipated us from social marginalization; before we were hindered from the rest of community but now we are even leaders: I am now a member of Cell Advisory Council.”

“President Kagame has committed himself to transforming this country by moving us from poverty; he has decentralized the institutions, initiated Girinka Programme, Medical Insurance, provided electricity to the people, ensured national security among others; we no longer have identity card with ethnicity mentioned on it.” Another Village leader empasized.

Minister Kaboneka said that today it’s the time for current leaders to leave a good legacy for the future generations. “What lessons do you get from history so that you may build good leadership legacy? You are now leaders and if the way you lead your people that elected you takes them to another level of development, it will be a success story and legacy recorded for you.”

“You need to go back to your Midugudu, Cell and Sector to evaluate whether you lead your people the way you are supposed to lead them, loving your people; knowing your people, if you sacrifice yourself for them; if you have a vision for them; if you have respect and pride from them; if you are a role model for them and finally assess how they perceive your leadership style!” he added.

Minister Kaboneka appealed to Intore to work for the citizens who entrusted in them confidence through vote; the fate of Nyamasheke is in the hands of local leaders to determine what they want it to be in future in terms of best performing and developed Districts. The Government of Rwanda will not allow it to collapse if the leaders don’t drive and develop it.

The number of 2518 Intore from Village Executive Committee, Cell Advisory Council and Sector workers gathered at four sites to attend National Itorero program which will introduce to them Rwanda’s values and ethics in order to improve their daily activities for the welfare of all Rwandans and Nyamasheke residents in particular.