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30.01.2017 16:08 Category: MINALOC News


 30 January 2017

From 26th to 28th January 2017 the Minister of State in charge of Socio-Economic Development, Hon. MUNYESHYAKA Vincent held an official visit in Western Province where he launched construction works of Integrated Development Programme in Karongi and Rusizi districts.

Both Rugabano IDP Model Village in Karongi and Nyakarenzo IDP Model Village in Rusizi will accommodate people who were expropriated for tea plantations. The citizens were appealed to take advantage of the IDP Model in terms of infrastructures, services and job creation.

Hon. Munyeshyaka said; “The success of Integrated Development Programme requires collaboration between district authorities, contractors and the citizens. Construction of IDP Model will contribute to creating jobs for people from these sectors; I sincerely request the constructors to hire people who are able to work in order to get rid of unemployment within our population.”

“Our citizens also need to understand that; the houses will belong to them; the infrastructures will facilitate your socio-economic transformation in order to acquire the development we desire; you will benefit from close hospitals, schools, business center and sports pitches among others,” Hon. Munyeshyaka emphasized.

The Minister of State also commissioned the construction project of Karongi Health Workers’ commercial building and praised their resilience as they are the first health workers to emerge with such an idea. He also held a meeting with members of executive committee and councilors for the development of the secondary city of Rusizi and Karongi district.

At his visit to the island of Nkombo sector in Lake Kivu, Nkombo residents raised their major concern which is the distant basic service that requires walking long distance to get them from Kamembe.

Minister of State Munyeshyaka requested Rusizi authorities to pay special attention to the needs of Nkombo residents basing of their specific location and situation.

Besides his participation in Umuganda community work, Hon Munyeshyaka visited Hunger Eradication project in Rutsiro, different infrastructures under construction such as; cross border markets of Karongi and Rusizi, Giheke Milk Collection Center, Kivu Marina Bay Hotel and Rusizi-Bukavu Border Bridge among others.