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02.02.2017 00:00 Category: MINALOC News


Minister Kaboneka addressing Nyarugenge local leaders at Nyamirambo stadium today

February 2, 2017

The Minister of Local Government, Honorable Kaboneka Francis, has urged local leaders in Nyarugenge district to be responsible and honest while executing their duties and responsibilities. He made the remarks today during the Coordination meeting of Nyarugenge district, which discussed issues pertaining to security, settlement and disaster management.

The meeting, which convened at Kigali Stadium in Nyamirambo, brought together all villages’ committee members, executive secretaries of cells and sectors, all councilors for cells and sectors, women and youth councils bureau from villages to district levels, district council and staff, security organs and partners in development.

Both the Mayors of Nyarugenge district and the City of Kigali commended the progress made so far, but highlighted issues related to drugs abuses, security, disorganized settlement and disaster management. They said; “leadership is key in whatever happens in the City of Kigali, whichever the administrative level, even at household level”.

Minister Kaboneka opened the floor for open discussions. Participants expressed themselves and they exposed root causes of persistence of criminal and insecurity cases in Nyarugenge. Those are related with corruption, irresponsibility of leadership, drugs abuse and conflict of interests.

Minister Kaboneka said that; “local leaders should be responsible and honest while executing their duties”. He urged them to work together as a team, strive for heroism and excellence by safeguarding national interest. "Organized settlement and security are key indicators for urban development", he said. “This requires putting general interest above self”, he noted.

The Minister hastened to add that; "As leaders, we have responsibility to protect our people, and to achieve this, we have to work closely with the general population. Whoever shall put self-interest above general interest shall be held accountable, no matter the cost".