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29.05.2017 19:44 Category: MINALOC News


Minister Kaboneka and Busingye ready to congratulate Reverend Gahima

On Sunday the 28th May 2017, the Minister of Local Government Hon. KABONEKA Francis appealed to the church leaders across the country to use the power and influence they have on church members to end the violence and conflicts within families.

The appeal was made during ordination of Reverend Gahima Manasseh as the Assistant Bishop of Gahini Anglican Church Diocese to support Bishop Bilindabagabo Alexis. The ceremony coincided with the celebration of 20th Anniversary of the Gahini Diocese establishment.

Minister Kaboneka, speaking before different church leaders who were invited, stressed the role of church leaders in transforming the lives of the people. He called for partnership to end domestic violence and conflicts.

Kaboneka said: “Rwandan Government needs collaboration from religious leaders to promote peace and harmony in our families. We still see homicide; a wife killing husband or vice versa, children killing parents. However some of them go to church. How can we end this?”   

They were reminded that the government and churches have crucial responsibility to improve the lives of the Rwandans.

“The government can apply the laws to punish the felony but we know the church preaching touch the hearts of their members; we need your participation to end this scourge that is threatening our families. We believe churches impart love, solidity and collaboration to the members and a good church member becomes a good citizen.” He added.

He also said some church leaders have failed to preach the gospel that leads to national development, adding that there is always need to work toward a common goal.

Minister Kaboneka hailed Bishop Gahima for the role he played in building the nation before he joined the church leadership, saying the cleric served in local government for years and left a legacy of putting people’s interests before self.

Minister Kaboneka reminded the public that Rwanda want a safe future generation - reason why present young people have to be free of crimes, drug abuse…