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02.06.2017 23:00 Category: MINALOC News


Minister Kaboneka addressing residents in Nyaruguru district

Friday the 2nd of June 2017

The Minister of Local Government Hon Kaboneka Francis officiated today the closing of Itorero at Village level in Nyaruguru and he commended its residents for attending National Itorero activities and reinstating Rwandan cultural values.  

During the official closing ceremonies, residents exhibited different historical artifacts that Rwandans used in their everyday life; traditional dance and traditional games. 

Minister Kaboneka urged them to spread the word by teaching cultural values to their compatriots who did not attend and to their children who still need much to know about Rwandan history.

Minister Kaboneka said: “I would like to thank you for what you have showcased. I urge you not to stop by here; you have to continue to teach your children; put them together and teach them Rwandan culture, Rwandan identity and other games that reflect their original culture.”

“Nyaruguru has a special song rhythm; we want to see old men and women teaching and leaving the legacy to these children. Itorero is one way to achieve it: Through Itorero, citizens are trained on mortality, unity, integrity, love and these values always exist. Thus you don’t have to stop teaching the new generation. These values will enable us to achieve sustainable development; access to electricity, water, road, medical insurance, education, resilience, productivity for food security, among others”, he added.

Minister Kaboneka expressed gratitude to the residents who donated cows to their neighbors within Gira inka programme.

The residents pledged to fight malnutrition, hygienic problem, sustain security, hard work, to fight family conflicts, to attend presidential elections.

“If you really want to train your colleagues and to be real Intore, be intore with dignity. Don’t agonize, organize. Try to find solutions to the problems you face, showcase exemplary in behavior, be cooperative and humble, and fight for your colleagues’ improvement. Be transformational in your village and stand for common good; let what you have achieved be the foundation for the next development step. And don’t forget that we are doing all this because we have security.”

All residents of Nyaruguru District attended one week Itorero at village level which started on 22nd of May 2017; they were trained on civic education, Rwandan history, tradition and values; government programs and their roles, and vision of the country.

While in Nyaruguru, the Minister of Local Government held a meeting with the members of the District Council and Executive Committee.