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11.06.2017 23:00 Category: MINALOC News


Procession of the Catholic Youth from Nyundo Diocese at Congo Nil Parish

11th of June 2017

The Minister of Local Government, Honorable KABONEKA Francis met and addressed the assemblies of youths in Nyundo Diocese and Rubavu district and he called upon them to seize the current opportunity for their development and country’s future. He addressed the congregation of over 24000 Catholic Church youth who attended annual youth pilgrim at Congo-Nil Parish located in Rutsiro District.

Minister Kaboneka urged the youth to thank God for the opportunity they have in their country which includes: universal access to education and health insurance, basic infrastructures, freedom, good governance among others, which is the foundation for their self-realization.

The youth were reminded that security is the pillar of any development. They were urged to maintain security amongst themselves and in their homes and to play a role in fighting family conflict and restoring peace and unity in families.

The Minister later addressed the assembly of youth in Rubavu District on their role in sustainability of the achievements in their own country.

“Our country is in your hands, you have to strive to stay together in order to achieve more development. Unity is fundamental in our country; you have to be patriotic citizens with ambitions,” he told the youth.

“This country will always need your contribution to curb drugs and unwanted pregnancies; to stand for your dignity in everything you do as President Kagame teaches us. You need to seize opportunity you have today to tell the world about your country; use social media to refute the deniers of our achievements; if they think this is all about photo-shopping, tell them by using your own pictures, for example,” he added.

The youth were also reminded to participate in upcoming presidential elections to make them colorful and peaceful for the good of the country.