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27.09.2017 01:00 Category: MINALOC News


September 27 2017

The Minister of State for Socio-economic development, Hon. Harelimana Cyriaque, inaugurated fourty houses completed in Ayabaraya Integrated Development Programs Model Village (dubbed IDP Model Village) in Kicukiro District and handed them to the most vulnerable and needy families.

The model village was built by Kicukiro district, and construction works were executed by the Reserve Force of Rwanda Defense Forces.

Uwizeye Henriette is one of beneficiaries. She now lives in a new home beyond her imagination as she testified.

She said: “I am overwhelmed. I can’t find enough words to thank the leadership of President Paul Kagame. He even thinks about ordinary people’s welfare.”

Minister of State Harelimana called upon the beneficiaries to take care and maintain the houses as they are now theirs.

He said: “A model village like this supports citizens to think beyond tomorrow. We are now planning to near key infrastructures such as market, Agakiriro, public transport etc. We are also requesting financial institutions to bring their services here so that you can achieve better standards of living.”


He emphasized that IDP model village is one of the 7 Year Government Programs. He exposed different advantages such as facilitating land management, development of residential scheme, self-reliance and self-respect and easy access to socio-economic infrastructures.

He also appealed to over seven hundred citizens who got employment in different construction activities, to manage well the outcome and save some money for future prospects.

Different partners were recognized for supporting the program. Mudaheranwa Yussuf contributed fourty five million Rwandan francs to build medical clinic which is now operating.

Gen. Ibingira, the Chief of RDF Reserve Force, who carried out the construction works, told the residents that the responsibility of the army is no longer limited to securing the country but extends to ensuring the welfare of the citizens.