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14.10.2017 00:00 Category: MINALOC News


On Friday, October the 13th, 2017 different Rwandan officials and Official Guests from the German State of Rhineland Palatinate celebrated 35 years of Partnership, in Kigali.

The Minister of Local Government Francis Kaboneka thanked Hon. Roger Lewentz, the Minister of Interior, Infrastructure in Rhineland Palatinate and his delegation for having joined Rwandans to celebrate together the anniversary.

Minister Kaboneka said: “As we celebrate our twinning and partnership gains for the last 35 years, on behalf of Government of Rwanda, I wish to express our sincere appreciation towards the Leadership of Rhineland Palatinate State for having been with us since 1982."

"We are so grateful that Rhineland Palatinate State continued to partner with Rwanda even after the Genocide against Tutsi. You have supported our Communities, Associations, Institutions, Schools, Children with special disabilities and these have contributed to our progress for the last 23 years of State reconstruction and socio-economic development." He added.

For the period of 35 years, close to 2000 projects with a budget of more than 100 Million Euros have been initiated, implemented and completed under the twinning and partnership program across the country. 

Minister Kaboneka said: "These projects have created positive impact among beneficiaries within Sectors of intervention in different Districts represented in this anniversary celebrations."

Most of these projects are in the field of Youth empowerment, health care, investment and trade, education (TVET), students exchange, people with special needs, sports and culture, partnerships between Universities, Teachers trainings and many others.

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of cooperation, the Ministry of Local Government organised competitions from the district level to national level in songs and poems.

Rwandans are also pleased that business relationship is being explored as another area of partnership between two States and Rwanda is very committed to fostering future interventions in this regard.

The Rhineland Palatinate Minister of Interior and Sport, Hon. Roger Lewentz believes the partnership between the two sides will continue and extend in more years to come.

He said: “We want to strengthen our partnership and extend it to bigger dimension. The benefit young men and women gain from it, will build stronghold of their future.”

Strengthening further twinning and partnership framework is expected to reach the sector of agriculture, TVET, promotion of tourism, preservation of historical sites (Museums), capacity building and infrastructure development.