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24.06.2011 15:11 Category: MINALOC News

DCEPTA Sector Working Group discuss capacity building

June 23, 2011

The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Local Government, Mr Cyrille TURATSINZE, chaired a DCEPTA Sector Working Group meeting, which discussed local government capacity building strategy, specifically its implementation and funding mechanism.

The DCPTA (Decentralization, Citizens’ Empowerment, Participation, Transparency and Accountability) Sector Working Group meeting that convened on June 23rd, 2011 at the Ministry of Local Government (MINALOC), was co- chaired by Dr. Stephan KLINGEBIEL from KFW, and was attended by different partners in Decentralization Sector.

In his opening remarks, the Ministry’s Permanent Secretary thanked all development partners for their continued support towards development goals and pledged that, the Government will strengthen its good working relationships with its development partners.

Stakeholders welcomed the recent cabinet decision concerning the appointment of Rwanda Local Development Support Fund Management. They also commended the establishment of Rwanda Governance Board whose draft law is still under deliberations by the Parliament as well as the awarding ceremony of former Local Government Leaders.

Capacity building for Local Government leaders was appreciated in a special way. Leadership Development Trainings were conducted for all the newly elected Mayors and Vice Mayors in charge of Economy and Finances facilitated by Singapore experts. Similar trainings will be conducted also for Vice Mayors for Social Affairs, district executive secretaries and other senior managers under the Ministry of Local Government.

Local Government leaders at grass roots level were trained about national priorities and programs, and emphasis was put on understanding the country’s vision and their roles in socio-economic transformation of their citizens and communities in addition to providing tools for simple citizen-centered planning.

The meeting resolved that, capacity building should be part of performance contracts –Imihigo- for each and every district.

Participants agreed on that, capacity building is and should go beyond human resources in order to incorporate other aspects such as ICT development, institutional strengthening and other facilitation mechanisms.

The outgoing co-chair, Dr. Stephan KLINGEBIEL, will be leaving Rwanda in July 2011, because his term in office is resuming. Stakeholders commended his good leadership, especially teamwork spirit and his sense of focus.