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11.07.2011 11:15 Category: MINALOC News


Local Government leaders during the meeting (Photo: MINALOC)





“Performance contracts –Imihigo- have contributed significantly to national development and Rwandans’ socio-economic transformation”, the Minister of Local Government, Honorable James MUSONI has said.

The Ministry of Local Government is hosting a two day meeting (July 11-12, 2011) between the Local Governments.

The two day meeting, that kicked off today at Lemigo Hotel in Kigali, brings together the Ministry of Local Government, all Province Governors and Mayor of Kigali City and their respective Executive Secretaries, all district Mayors and Vice Mayors in charge of Social Affairs together with district Executive Secretaries.

This meeting will discuss on accelerating development in Local Governments in general, more specifically on evaluation of performance contracts –Imihigo- 2010/2011 and set priorities for 2011/2012 targets.

Participants will also discuss deeply on social sector development with focus on organized rural settlement –imidugudu-, thatched houses –nyakatsi- eradication, community health insurance scheme –mutuelle de sante- and Vision 2020 Umurenge programs.

Special emphasis will be put on empowering people with special needs including vulnerable genocide survivors, historically marginalized groups, people with disabilities.

While officiating the opening of the meeting, the Minister of Local Government, Honorable James MUSONI, urged local government leaders to be more responsive to the population needs and be more result oriented in their planing and day to day activities, by setting specific, measurable, ambitious and achievable, realistic and timebound targets.

The Government expects this meeting to bear fruitful results. Local Government leaders and other stakeholders will share experiences, challenges and opportunities and they will draw lessons from the past experience and success stories.

Participants will agree on outcome of evaluation of 2010/2011 performance contracts (best practices, weakness, challenges and opportunities) and the way forward for better planning and appropriate targets. The meeting will discuss on issues of food security assessment, gender and family programs, afforestation and road maintenance, among others.

Special measures will be taken to accelerate development at community level and to empower people with vulnerability to migrate to a self sustained development. 

“The Government is happy with what Rwandans have achieved, but we want local government leaders to be fully equiped with tools and requisites for proper, qualitative, quantitative and substantive performance contracts, that will help Rwandans to achieve targets set for the Vision 2020”, Minister James MUSONI noted.


July 11, 2011