Mission & Vision
Organization Structure

The Minister of State in charge of Social Economic Development

Vicent Munyeshyaka , The Minister of State in charge of Socio Economic Development .

Roles played by the Minister of State in charge of Social Affairs and Social Protection

In collaboration with the Minister, the Minister of State in charge of Social Affairs and Community Development is responsible for the supervision of Government policies and programs related to Social Affairs and Community Development. Specifically, the Minister of State is in charge of:

1. Follow up and evaluation of the implementation and execution of policies and programs related to community development and social affairs.

2. Initiation of partnership programs aimed at the promotion of integrated community development.

3. Putting in place mechanisms aimed at improving the well-being of the population as well as insuring social security for all.

4. Coordinating interventions of all actors involved in the community development field.

5. Overseeing protection programs for the most vulnerable groups of the population (e.g. street kids, disabled, orphans, elderly) with particular emphasis on genocide survivors.

6. Initiating and overseeing programs aimed at increasing the ability and know-how of poor people in order to expand their perspectives.

7. Overseeing the planning of local and community development.

8. Overseeing the functioning of public establishments and agencies whose mandates are related to her specific role.

9. Follow up and implementation of mechanisms for disaster management and refugee crises.