Mission and Responsibilities


The Ministry of Local Government ensures the coordination of good governance and high quality territorial administration programs that promote economic, social and political development throughout the nation.


According to the Prime Minister’s Order No 238/03 of 08/12/2016, the Ministry of Local Government is responsible for:

developing, disseminating and coordinating the implementation of policies, strategies and sector programs through the formulation of national policies, strategies and programs of good governance, territorial administration, social affairs and group settlement sites to ensure sustainable community development;

developing a legal framework for good governance, territorial administration, settlement and social-economic development through:

a. developing the legal framework, rules and procedures of decentralization to implement good governance and territorial administration for socioeconomic and political development

b. developing policies and strategies to develop local administration and ensuring its harmony with the local environment;

c. developing and promoting a sector policy for social affairs and implementation mechanisms;

d. collaborating with other government institutions to guarantee smooth implementation of their specific programs at local level;

e. developing monitoring indicators for the activities of the Ministry at both the national and local levels;

developing institutional and human resources capacities through:

a. constant assessment of the decentralized entities’ capacities in relation to the implementation of their responsibilities;

b. supporting holistic capacity building programs of local governments relating to good governance, territorial administration and socioeconomic development;

monitoring and evaluating the implementation of sector and sub-sector policies, strategies and programs through:

a. monitoring and evaluating national policies and programs that contribute to promoting good governance, efficient territorial administration and socioeconomic development;

b. consolidating, analyzing and disseminating data submitted by the Districts;

c. monitoring the indicators to ensure the implementation of activities of the Ministry at central and local levels;

d. submitting periodical and annual reports to the Government on the impact of sector policies, strategies, programs and projects on the development of the country;

overseeing the functioning of institutions supervised by the Ministry through:

a. Supervising and monitoring the functioning of institutions supervised by the Ministry to guarantee their effective service delivery, aiming at good governance and socioeconomic development;

b. providing policy guidance and developing a legal framework for specific programs supervised by the Ministry;

promoting effective intergovernmental relationships through:

a. organizing suitable inter- institutional relations to promote the efficacy of local government entities;

b. organizing national and international events that bring local government organs together;

mobilizing resources for the Ministry activities through:

a. mobilizing necessary resources for promotion of good governance, and socio-economic and social development and providing a proper framework for their rational utilization;

b. promoting partnerships that enhance unity among local governments both nationally and internationally;

c. Promoting partnerships that favour joint development of efforts by different stakeholders at the local level.