National Strategy Framework Paper

National Strategy Framework Paper

The purpose of this paper is to present the vision of the Government of Rwanda on Strengthening Good Governance for Poverty Reduction.

Based on the achievements of the Government during the past 5 years, the Poverty Reduction Strategy, the shortcomings and the priority needs identified, a consensus was built during the National Conference held from 2-5 November 2001 on the main strategies to be developed for reinforcement of good governance and improvement of the quality of life of the population.

In the paper, priorities have been developed to meet the challenge of improving good governance as the cornerstone to fighting poverty. These are articulated around five topics on a functional basis:

1. Institutional strengthening and coordination,
2. Unity and reconciliation, peace and security;
3. Social welfare of the population;
4. Civil society and private sector;
5. Economic planning and management.

Programs and strategies discussed in this paper are based on the outcomes of the Conference on Good Governance held in Kigali. The Conference brought together top government decision makers, provincial officials, members of the donor community, civil society and scholars from higher institutions of learning in Rwanda. The outcomes of the Conference were in fact fully in line with the philosophy of the Vision 2020 framework. The guiding principles of this Government strategy on good governance for poverty reduction are participation and facilitation. Follow-up measures and costing are to be worked out once the strategy is totally owned by all partners.

The full Strategy Paper can be downloaded by clicking on the link below.

National Framework Paper on Good Governance,Rwanda,2002.