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Minister James MUSONI welcomes the Ambassador of China, SHU ZHAN

"Rwanda and China are committed to strengthening partnership and cooperation for national development through twinning”, officials from both sides have said. This was said shortly after a meeting which brought together the Rwandan Minister of Local Government, James MUSONI, and the Ambassador of China in Rwanda, His Excellency Shu Zhan, on Friday, April 28, 2011, at the ministry’s headquarters in Kacyiru, Kigali.

The Ministry of Local Government is responsible for twinning, both internally and externally. During their talks, both officials explored a number of opportunities where both countries could cooperate in the interest of their peoples. Such opportunities include agriculture, education, investment promotion, ICT and governance. The Ambassador of China has said that, in politics, it is possible to have positive complementarily through opposition. The Ambassador established similarities between the Rwandese administration and that of China. He took an example of the Consultative Forum of political parties in Rwanda and the inclusive composition of the parliament. “In my home country, there are eight non communist political parties, which could be called opposition parties. They all participate in Government and they are represented in different government institutions, regardless of their membership”, the Ambassador said.


Minister James MUSONI and Ambassador SHU Zhan: “We have a lot to learn from each other” (Photo: MINALOC)

Both Minister James MUSONI and Ambassador Shu ZHAN pledged to promote twinning between the two countries. This twinning would focus mainly on community to community relationships (municipalities and rural areas), education (like exchange of students for trainings), and agriculture and community development, among others.


“We share”: Minister James MUSONI offered a gift to his guest (Photo: MINALOC)

Ambassador Shu ZHAN and Minister James MUSONI emphasized the need of strong twinning, especially between emerging economies including China and developing countries like Rwanda. The Ambassador pledged more mobilization and advocacy in his home country to promote twinning amongst cities and towns between both countries.


In Rwandans’ culture, guests don’t go alone: “We are together” (Photo: MINALOC)

The Minister commended China’s efforts towards Rwanda’s development. “We have a lot to learn from each other. Rwanda wants to be a middle income country by 2020, and China had to struggle to be where it is today. Political will and determination of the people are key factors in this process. We share challenges and opportunities, and together we can develop quickly more than we are now”, MUSONI James asserted.