Nyundo citizens urged to allow families to benefit from their hard-work income

The residents were urged to upgrade their living conditions today during the citizens’ assembly by the Minister of State for Social Affairs Dr. Mukabaramba Alvera who, after conversing with them on their role in socio-economic development programmes – called upon them to align their hard-work income with living conditions.

Dr. Mukabaramba said: “We all know that you are hard workers in different sectors like farming, agriculture and business, but your earnings should be used to upgrade the living conditions of your families.”

“Every head of family has to provide all basic needs and even more to his family members without waiting for mobilization by local administration.” She added.

Every Tuesday the citizens’ assembly gathers at cell level bringing together leaders and citizens not only to solve their problems but also to exchange on public programmes that intend to upgrade socio-economic life of the community members and the role of the citizens.

The residents of Nyundo in Rubavu District – with their diverse productivity, are exposed to different opportunities as their district neighbors with DR Congo and the border is daily crossed at least by 50,000 people, most of them crossing for business.