From 29 May 2019 the Minister of Local Government Prof. SHYAKA Anastase conducted a two-day field visit to Nyaruguru and Nyamagabe districts of Southern Province.

Minister Shyaka toured different socio-economic development projects including construction activities of Kibeho modern market and taxi parking station; UNILEVER Plantation and tea processing factory – the project provides daily employment to more than 800 residents. He thereafter officiated Nyaruguru District Coordination Meeting and attended Weekly Citizens’ Assembly at Cyahinda.

During the coordination meeting that brought together various categories of local leaders, Prof Shyaka said: “Nyaruguru must be holy land in practical. Transformation is not negotiable, it has to happen and efficient performance must be daily routine of Nyaruguru in order to attain targeted socio-economic transformation of Rwandans.”

Minister Shyaka requested the local leaders to embrace accountability, align living standards of residents with existing opportunities in Nyaruguru; work hard and take lead in socio-economic transformation.

Interacting with the residents of Cyahinda Sector, Minister Shyaka tasked the residents to eradicate the poverty as they now have all requirements including security, good leadership, infrastructure, water, electricity, roads among others. He appreciated the productivities of their cooperative that had exhibited their products at site.

In Nyamagabe, Minister Shyaka assigned the local leader to harmonise agriculture and education in order to fast track development.