LABOUR DAY: Mr Nsabibaruta emerges as best employee of the year at MINALOC

The Ministry of Local Government joined the world to celebrate international labour day on the 1st of May 2019.

During the function, the staff members of the ministry reflected on what can improve their performance at workplace and later on elected among themselves the best performer of year 2019 – which led to election of Mr. Nsabibaruta Maurice. He works as Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist in the Department of Local Government Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation.

Prof. Shyaka Anastase, the Minister of Local Government who handed over the award to the winner, encourage the staff to work hard for the efficiency and quality service.

He said: “Our linkage is only effective performance. Confidentiality at workplace is paramount. Let’s bring change this year for quality performance. If you aspire quality performance, strive for quality service delivery first of all.”