We need sustainable rehabilitation service for our youth – Minister Shyaka

Kigali – 29 May 2019, The Hon. Minister of Local Government presided over the opening ceremony of the two-day retreat for NRS Stakeholders that brought together different key players in rehabilitation service to deliberate on "revisiting our interventions towards delinquency management in Rwanda".

Addressing the workshop, Hon. Minister Shyaka applauded the efforts of the Government of Rwanda through National Rehabilitation Service (NRS) in helping mainly the youth overcome delinquency.

He further indicated that the vision of the Government of Rwanda is to have Rwandan communities with better living standards, safe and delinquency free, at least by 2024.

“To attain our vision, we need straightforward and healthy youth, with mind and behavior of a typical human being.” He reiterated.

However, to achieve this, “We need a sustainable rehabilitation service because we have observed that some youth return to delinquency right after rehabilitation. We should revise our strategies and partnerships with NGOs, CSOs and PSF so that we can scale up our efforts for them to keep them occupied after graduating from transit and rehabilitation centers like Iwawa.” He added.