Southern Province: Kaburanjwiri emerges as excellent village in home grown solution initiatives

The enabling factor to the success of Kaburanjwiri village located in Kansi Sector of Gisagara District in Southern Province, is the spirit of collaboration between the citizens themselves and their leader who is motivated to lead them to socio-economic transformation of the village.

On Monday, the 10th of June 2019, the Minister of Local Government Prof. Shyaka Anastase visited the village alongside the Governor of the Province, 8 Mayors of districts of Southern Province among other leaders to witness the transformation of the village.

The leader of the village demonstrated the status of the village whose 24 goals were 100% achieved in all 114 households. One of the major achievement among others is successful coverage of medical insurance. The residents are now collecting contribution for two years to come.

With satisfaction of their achievements, Minister Shyaka encouraged the citizens to work hard so as to achieve more and graduate from level to higher one. He appreciated what the citizens have been doing as both contribution to the country and development of their families. On behalf of the President of Republic of Rwanda, he therefore offered a cow as reward to the community. He recommended other communities to emulate the model and strategy of Kaburanjwiri village.