Kigali: One Dollar Campaign Complex to release first graduates

On Saturday, the 8 June 2019, the Minister of Local Government Prof. Shyaka Anastase officiated the closing ceremony of 5-day Itorero training for 73 Young Genocide survivors living in One Dollar Campaign Complex and who are ready to jumpstart their careers in the outside world after leaving the complex.

This training organised at Ubutore Development Center at Nkumba in Burera by FARG, AERG with support from the Ministry of Local Government, Imbuto Foundation and partners, aimed to transform these young people into confident and competent citizens, ready to build their lives and contribute to Rwanda's transformation journey.

In order to help these graduates jumpstart their careers in the outside world, this training also aims at helping them identify innovative projects, along with their implementation plans. These projects will act as way to sustain themselves after graduating from the shelter programme.

Minister Shyaka assured the graduates that the country and its leadership love them not for today but forever.

“We love you and we will continue to walk with you even after here to make sure you have a welfare. You have responsibility not only to strive for dignity but to sustain it.” Minister Shyaka added.

The One Dollar Campaign Hostel is the fruit of an initiative launched by Rwanda's diaspora in 2009 in an effort to support students who didn't have homes to go to during holidays. The hostel, located in Gasabo District has gone on to accommodate 192 boys and girls, giving them a place to call home and has enabled them to interact with each other as brothers and sisters.