Dr. Mukabaramba joined residents of Kamonyi District in Inteko y’Abaturage

On Tuesday, 25th June 2019, The Minister of State in Charge of Social Affairs in MINALOC, Hon. Dr. Alvera Mukabaramba carried out a citizen outreach or Inteko y’Abaturage in Kamonyi District.

The Minister of State kicked off her working visit at Ingufu Gin Limited located in Runda Sector, and applauded the contribution of the company in the socio-economic development of the surrounding communities through providing employment to the communities and to the country in general.

The Minister of State then joined citizens of Bugarama Cell in Kayenzi Sector for the weekly Citizen General Assembly “Inteko y’Abaturage” which she participated in resolving some of the issues presented by the communities.