Minister Shyaka visits Rubavu, Nyabihu and Musanze Districts

On Wednesday 26 June 2019, the Hon. Minister of Local Government Prof. SHYAKA Anastase carried out citizen outreach in Rubavu, Nyabihu and Musanze Districts.

In Rubavu District; the Minister of Local Government visited the Cross Border Market that is currently facing different challenges.

“You need to solve the issue of occupation rate that is still low mainly due to retailers who have plots in the market but they don’t occupy them, and many other vacant plots.” Minister Shyaka told districts’ leadership after visiting the market.

“For at least one week, we need this market fully operational. You need to fairly redistribute the plots and make sure your conditions are favorable and attractive for traders to come in.” He added

Furthermore, Minister Shyaka toured Petite Barrière border and La Corniche One Stop Border Post.

After the tour, the Minister held a met with the District leadership, representatives of Milk Collection Centres, and representatives of cooperatives that are involved in milk production value chain.

At the meeting, the minister encouraged farmers and milk traders to ameliorate standards and hygiene; And requested the District leadership to improve Milk business along the value chain.

Thereafter, the Minister visited butchery projects located in Gataraga Sector, in Musanze District where he encouraged operators to improve on the standards and also expand their business.

The Minister of Local Government concluded his citizen outreach with a visit to Nyabihu District where he held a meeting with different leaders including the District Executive committee, Security organs, Sector and Cell ESs, and District employees.

They deliberated on a number of issues affecting human security, Socio-economic development of the citizens, agriculture and animal husbandry.

The meeting concluded by District leadership and all the participants committing to fast tracking progress of implementation of areas where they are lagging behind.