MINALOC Leadership joins citizens for Umuganda

Saturday, 27 July 2019, Senior leaders of the Ministry of Local Government joined residents of different districts in monthly Umuganda.

Hon. Minister of Local Government Prof. Shyaka Anastase joined residents of Rweru Sector in Bugesera District, while the Minister of State in Charge of Social Affairs Dr. Mukabaramba Alvera was at Rugerero Sector in Rubavu District.

Umuganda in Rubavu District was synchronized with Ebola preparedness mobilization campaign.

Addressing the participants of this special Umuganda at Rugerero Sector, MoS Dr. Mukabaramba Alvera encouraged citizens to prevent Ebola outbreak in Rwanda, and assured them that the country is highly ready to intervene if any case of Ebola Virus appeared in Rwanda.

“We cannot stop you from crossing the borders, but we would like to request you to use formal entry points where we have health workers who were trained to screen Ebola symptoms.” Dr. Mukabaramba said

MINISANTE also took this occasion (Umuganda) to remind citizens the preventive measures:

-Avoid unnecessary travels to areas affected by en Ebola outbreak;

-Immediately report to the nearest creening station if you are coming from ebola affected area;

-Report any supected case of Ebola via MINISANTE number 114, Police on 112, and Community Health Workers or to any nearest health facility;

-In case you know someone who is from Ebola affected area, immediately report to the Police on 112, to MINISANTE on 114, to the nearest local authorities or Community Health Workers;

-Avoid contact with blood and body fluids, items that may have come in contact with an infected person's blood or body fluids;

-Avoid contact with body of an Ebola victim and/or meat from an unknown source;

-Advise every person who has been in contact with a patient with Ebola symptoms or who attended a burial ceremony of a known case of Ebola to immediately report to the nearest health facility for urgent medical attention;

-Always wash hands with soap and clean water.

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