MINALOC launches hygiene and safety national campaign

Tuesday, 06th August 2019 marks the beginning of the national hygiene and safety campaign that aims at improving the hygienic standards of Rwandan residents and transform our Country Rwanda into a ‘clean, green, and Safe’ country.

The campaign was launched nationwide during the weekly Community Assemblies held every Tuesday of the week, at every cell in the country.

During the launch of the campaign at national level, the Minister of Local Government, Hon. Prof. SHYAKA Anastase highlighted that building on the best practices in the City of Kigali, the campaign will be conducted across the country so that all Rwandans and all people residing in Rwanda start embracing the culture of good hygiene in their daily lives.

Announcing the campaign, the Hon. Minister, Prof. Shyaka said that the key focus areas will be:

  • Improving personal hygiene and cleanliness around the homestead.
  • Improving hygiene at business centers and bus parks
  • Improving levels of hygiene in schools, health centers, restaurants, bars and other public places
  • Promoting safe communities, especially by putting more emphasis on ending home violence eradicating drug abuse, gender based violence, and land disputes among others.

“We recognize that there are still some challenges such as access to clean water and some sub-standard sanitation facilities, but the biggest challenge is the mindset of the citizens towards hygiene and safety. This campaign will mainly focus on the social and behavior change mechanisms as the government addresses other infrastructural needs.” Minister Shyaka said

The Ministry of Local Government, Ministry of Health, in partnership with Rwanda National Police and many other institutions organized the campaign and will continue to mobilize the communities and other required resources to ensure that the objectives of this campaign are achieved and sustained.