Dr. Mukabaramba urges Eastern Province Leaders to enhance peer learning and peer review

Friday, September 13, 2019 - The Minister of State in charge of Social Affairs, Dr. Mukabaramba Alvera officiated the coordination meeting of the Eastern Province, held at Province’s offices in Rwamagana District, where Eastern Province Leaders pledged more effort to tackle human security issues which still destabilise some communities. 

The meeting brought together more than 1,300 leaders from Province level to Isibo and guests from central level, security organs and civil society, to discuss on how to tackle human security issues.

Addressing the gathering, Hon. Minister of State in charge of Social Affairs, Dr. Mukabaramba Alvera thanked the Province for identifying 14 crucial Human Security Issues that hinders citizens from transformational lifestyle; and for involving leaders from grassroots level in finding the right solutions.

“I commend your commitments and home-grown solution initiatives you presented today, they may help you succeed. However, they won’t have a big impact unless you share them to all your peers; currently we can see a successful village, cell or sector in at least all district but I don’t know why the rest do not learn from that successful peer so that we can all prosper together.” MoS Mukabaramba said.

Dr. Mukabaramba also called for a joint follow-up to oversee the implementation of the commitments made in this meeting.