Minister SHYAKA received Bishop Wolfgang Huber

Today, 15th September 2019, on behalf of Rt. Hon Prime Minister, Minister of Local Government, Prof. SHYAKA Anastase received in his office, Bishop Wolfgang Huber, Prof. Dr., former Head of the Protestant Church of Germany and his wife Kara Huber, accompanied by Dr. Pascal Bataringaya, President of the Presbyterian Church in Rwanda (EPR).


Minister SHYAKA Anastase thanked Bishop Prof. Dr Huber and his wife Kara for having chosen to visit Rwanda and extended to him Rt. Hon. Prime Minister’s regards since he was out of the country and unable to receive him.


He shared to Bishop Huber the foundations of Rwanda’s political system and reconciliation. He stressed to Bishop Huber that after the genocide against the Tutsi in 1994, Rwanda chose a reconciliatory process through Gacaca courts, healing and trauma counselling of the victims of the genocide and opposed revenge.


Reconciliation and Unity have cemented and been pillars of Rwanda’s social fabric. Rwandans chose to be guided by consensual democracy against confrontational politics that led to Genocide against Tutsi.


He stressed that sometimes Rwanda’s political choices do not meet the expectations of the western liberals and critics alleging that there is no political space in Rwanda when there is freedom of association, religion, speech, expression and political pluralism in the country. Political space is not only for the political parties but also citizens themselves are active on social media expressing their opinion and demands.


Bishop Professor Dr. Wolfgang Huber appreciated the tremendous progress Rwanda has registered after the genocide against Tutsi and in particular the contribution of the faith based organisations and civil society organisations towards Rwandans’ reconciliation process.


He said Rwanda is becoming a model on African continent because of its outstanding stance on enforcing accountability through fighting corruption, its political stability and rule of law that make it considerable as the best model to emulate and an investment destination. He emphasized this has been possible due to the spirit of courage and hope among Rwandans.


Hon. Minister thanked him and requested him to tell the outside world what he has seen in Rwanda.