From Sunday, 22 to 29 September 2019, the members of all districts executive committees will be attending three consecutive sessions of the training of leadership master class.

The first two-day session was attended on Sunday by all districts’ mayors and heads of MINALOC Affiliated Agencies, with the theme: « Leading High Performance Teams and Participatory Development».

Minister Shyaka: "We want Local Government that have global perspective; confident and capable to ably handle imperatives of transformation".

The Minister of Local Government, Prof Shyaka reminded Mayors on the task ahead to deliver on Vision 2020, NST1 priorities by 2024, our Decentralisation journey and capacity devt for LG delivery. Rwanda has to achieve its vision and aspirations driven by LG leaders.

“To deliver to the growing appetite of our citizens through a rapid transformation and better livelihoods, require injecting in a new impetus of strengthened & empowered LG leadership to have in place a highly delivering LG at all levels.” He added.

Minister Shyaka said the intention of the ministry is not to have a Local Government that is local but the one that can shape the country, region and the world. “We want a LG that has pride, conscious of values, efficient and data driven to deliver to the needed production & addressing concerns of the people.”

The vice mayors in charge of social affairs will attend from 24-25 sept while all vice mayors in charge of finance and economic development will finally attend their two-day session from Sunday 29 September.