New districts' leadership engaged on transformation

Last Friday, ten districts out of 30 conducted elections to complete executive committee members – who some had been sacked by the district councils while others personally resigned over incapability.

The Minister of Local Government Prof. Shyaka Anastase saluted the outcome the elections as the number of members’ elect increased the women in local government positions. 

Minister Shyaka said: “All 4 District Mayors elected today are women! This brings Rwanda women mayors to 10 out of 30; that’s 30% - the highest ever! Congratulations to newly elected and welcome to Local Government Family. A big thanks to Voters, NEC and LGs for a peaceful and free local election.”

Prof. Shyaka visited different districts with new leadership to engage them on transformation. He visited Nyamasheke, Karongi, Muhanga, Musanze on separate occasions. Currently 10 districts are led by female mayors.

Minister Shyaka encouraged the new leadership to start working and and taking care of the complaints and challenges that the citizens are facing.

He said: “I came to congratulate you for voting good leaders. as you are now done with the elections, it’s time to deliver. I’d also like to request you to work together and support new leadership in this way toward development. Remember we know Musanze as hard-working people; thus if you work together, everything will be possible.”