Citizens participation in Local Government development planning process launched

On Tuesday, November 12th, 2019, the Ministry of Local Government in partnership with Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning and Local Administrative Entities Development Agency (LODA launched a countrywide kick-off for citizens participation in Local Government development planning and budgeting process for the next fiscal year (2020/21).

At national level, the official launch of this campaign that will last for 3 weeks took place at Ruhinga Cell of Zaza Sector in Ngoma district.

Citizens in all districts expressed the priorities they wish to feature in District plans and imihigo for the fiscal year 2020/21, and these included in Health Sector, Education Sector, Agriculture Sector, Infrastructure, ICT among others.

This consultative planning process that will end on November 30th, gives an opportunity to citizens from grassroots level to participate in priotisation of developmental priorities in their respective districts.

Speaking to the press after the event, Hon. Shyaka Anastase, Minister for Local Government thanked citizens who came out to express their priorities, and encouraged Rwandans to continue engaging their local leaders via different platform availed for them to submit their priorities.

“We know that we are not at 100% level of citizen participation in Local Government development planning process, but we are on the right path and our vision now is to double our efforts in raising the level of citizens’ participation in programs designed for them. We want to reach a stage where every citizen feel that she/he has participated fully in what is planned for him or her. We believe that we can achieve it.” Minister Shyaka said

Citizens can continue to submit their priorities to local leaders via different platforms such as community meetings, umuganda, suggestion box, social media, district toll free numbers, etc.

Local leaders are also required to explain to the citizens how the priorities they submitted for the 2019/2020 fiscal year were implemented and achieved.