Hon. Nyirarukundo Ignatienne takes over social affairs office

Friday, November 15, 2019, Minister of Local Government Hon. Shyaka Anastase handed over Social Affairs responsibilities to Hon. Ignatienne Nyirarukundo, incoming Minister of State in charge of Social Affairs.

Minister Shyaka handed back dossiers that contain a number of ongoing priorities left by the former Minister of State Hon. Mukabaramba Alvera, including the Social Protection Policy, Ubudehe Categorization Review, to name a few.

Minister who pledged his full support and that of MINALOC staff and affiliated agencies, furthermore updated her on progress made in six weeks since former Minister of State left.

In her remarks, Hon. Nyirarukundo reiterated her commitment to complement the efforts made and strengthen the participation of the beneficiaries of Social protection programmes designed to uplift them socio-economically.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Minister of State in charge of Social Affairs:

As stipulated in the Cabinet Manual, in collaboration with the Minister of Local Government, the Minister of State in charge of Social Affairs is responsible for developing, disseminating, supervising and coordinating policies and programs aiming at ensuring and promoting social protection throughout the nation.