Rwamagana launches an exclusive “Tujyanemo” campaign for Human Security Issues

The District of Rwamagana launched today an exclusive “Tujyanemo” campaign which intend to control human security issues hampering socio-economic transformation of some Rwandan citizens in the part of Eastern Province.

Hygiene is one of 4 major focus pillars of the campaign with massive participation of pupils and students who are using letters to their parents highlighting what is missing at home for appropriate domestic hygiene.

The copies of their letters are also compiled at the information room of the district office. The students from all the sectors of the district were awarded with school materials (including notebooks, sets, pens… and a bucket) for their participation in the completion through poems, songs and plays mobilizing the public for the role in sustaining hygiene. The district also launched a digital monitoring mechanism for school drop-outs.

The mechanism intends to facilitate close follow-up on the status of school attendance. Today’s launch coincided with the celebration of international day of latrines and hand washing.