Hon. Nyirarukundo meets District Vice-Mayors in charge of Social Affairs

Thursday, November 21, 2019, Hon. Nyirarukundo Ignatienne met District Vice-Mayors in charge of Social Affairs, and Heads of Affiliated Agencies intervening in Social Protection Sector.

The one-day function was organized by the ministry of Local Government to discuss the progress made in the implementation of diverse social protection programs and interventions to boost citizens’ welfare and their socio-economic transformation.

The meeting was an opportunity for the newly appointed Minister of State in charge of Social Affairs, Hon. Nyirarukundo Ignatienne to formally introduce herself to the social sect of the Local Government.

In her remarks, Hon. Nyirarukundo said that the aim of this meeting was also a good occasion “to exchange views on how to improve the way we are delivering on human security issues and socio-economic transformation programs; Identify challenges that districts are facing and how best they can be solved going forward”.

The meeting deliberated on different topics including:

-Overview of SP programs: Current status, challenges and way forward

-Status of reports on VUP and Livelihoods schemes (Ubudehe), Snapshot on NSDS and related discussions

-Presentation on the upcoming joint provincial visits and meetings

-Presentation from group work, questions and answers