MINALOC and Irembo launch Online application for Change of name

Kigali - The Ministry of Local Government (MINALOC) in partnership with Irembo launched online application for the change of personal name via irembo.gov.rw. This service which has been processed and delivered through ordinary paper work is one of the most requested services at the Ministry; statistics show that every month between 200 and 300 people submit their applications at MINALOC office in Kigali seeking legal procedure for change of their names.

Application for change of name

This service allows Rwandans to initiate the change of name request. The applicant will get a letter that he/she will use to publish in the official gazette and in the media. The cost for “Submission” of change of name request is free (Frw 0).

Request for certificate of Change of name

This service allows Rwandan citizens to request for the official document of the changed names. The cost for application for “Confirmation” of change of name is Frw 20,000.

Value added to the citizen

The service will reduce the cost of trips in terms of money and time that citizens had to make to get their name change requests approved. It will allow them to submit requests for the service without visiting MINALOC’s offices. In a 2 step process, the user gets their name change request approved.

How to apply for the name change services on Irembo?

1. User can apply for this service using:

• Their personal accounts at irembo(only Rwandans).

• Irembo agents.

2. The applicant will provide their identification, desired name and the reasons for the request.

3. After the application, the user will pay using the bill ID

Hon. Minister Professor SHYAKA Anastase reiterates that the Ministry of Local Government is strongly committed to the principle of good governance, quality and timely service delivery to citizens, and technology is the best channel to achieve it.

“From today, Rwandans will no longer be obliged to travel from their respective districts and abroad to seek change of name service at MINALOC offices, the technology now allows them to submit their requests and receive certificates without moving from their homes. Minister Shyaka said

“I thank Irembo and MINICT, who have been with us in this journey of digitizing MINALOC and Local Government services.” He added

On 12th of February 2020 MINALOC, Irembo and MINICT also launched Irembo version 2.0 that hosts 22 local government services. Internal reports demonstrate that at the end of April, about 80 thousand people had received services from all districts via this platform.

The Government of Rwanda has committed to ensure 100% Government services are delivered online by 2024 from 40% in 2017.