The role of Rwandans in fight against COVID19 has impacted good progress with declined positive cases

Today, the Ministers leading activities against COVID19 including Minister Shyaka Anastase of Local Government, Minister Daniel Ngamije of Health, Minister UWAMARIYA Velentine of Education, Minister Soraya Hakuziyaremye of Trade and Industry, CP John Bosco Kabera, a spokesperson of Rwanda National Police, held a Press Conference together with focus on COVID19 National response and Economic recovery.

The Minister of Health, Dr. Daniel Ngamije said: It is now 6 and a half months since the first COVID19 case was registered in Rwanda, there is good progress with declined positive cases, we however call on people to practice preventive measures to end the pandemic soon.

The Minister of Local Government Prof Shyaka Anastase has appreciated the role of Rwandans in fight against COVID19 which has impacted the decline in positive cases.

He said: We appreciate the behavior of people in Rwanda, we have noticed a positive change as far as compliance with existing preventive measures is concerned; it has been revealed that people defaulting the measures has recently decreased by 20% to 30%.

New mechanism was put in place at every market place so as to facilitate preventive measures in terms of increasing hygiene (installation of hand washing facility) but also rotation calendar for daily business. Currently 50% traders are working while the rest wait for their turn.