General Directorate Of Social Affairs And Community Development


In line with the Ministry of Local Government’s mission, Community Development and Social Affairs department aims at responding to challenges the community confronts  and empower the Rwandan community to exercise its powers in decision making in order to promote development in an Inclusivemanner in Local Socio-economic development leading to Poverty reduction in Rwanda.

Strategic Objectives

-Design, elaborate and update the rural settlement, Community Development and Social Affairs policies and strategies.

-Evaluate the implementation of the national policies, programs, laws and regulations related to resettlement, community development and social Affairs.

-Research on regional and international best practices in Rural Settlement, community development and social Affairs in order to propose policy actions for improvement in Rwanda.

-Develop and disseminate guidelines and instructions to implement Community Development and Social Affairs policies and strategies at Local Level.

-Ensure Ministry performance in resettlement, community Development and social Affairs.

-Orient and follow up the development of the performance indicators to measure resettlement, Community Development & Social Affairs programmes.

-Develop and disseminate training and sensitization programs in community Development and Social Affairs.

-Develop quantitative and qualitative performance indicators for M&E Community Development and Social Affairs programmes.

-Design, elaborate and update the Umuganda policies, programs and the relevant indicators for monitoring and evaluation

-Communicate the umuganda national planning to Local Government for implementation

-Monitor and evaluate the implementation of Umuganda and propose policy action to address gaps which may have been identified

-Analysis of all documents and reports related to rural settlement, community development, and social Affairs made by other institution and partners.

-Provide support related to Community Development and Social Affairs capacity building to Local Government levels.

Staff Contact (Community Development and Social welfare)