Key activities of planning department

I.Organizational structure

1. Director General

2. Director of ICT

3. Professional in charge of Planning and Imihigo

4. Professional in charge of Twinning and partnership Development

5. Professionals in charge of IDP Coordination (2)

6. Professional in charge of statistics

7. Professional in charge of Monitoring and Evaluation

8. Network engineer

9. System administrator

10. Application and Data Officer

11. Software engineer and webmaster

12. Administrative Assistant

II.Department’s mandates

The mandate of planning department is compiled into 13 key tasks:

1.Coordinate the preparation and elaborations of sector policies, strategies and Plans;

2.Coordinate and consolidate the MTEF and budget preparation process  for the Ministry of Local Government, it’s  semi-autonomous Agencies and Districts to ensure the linkage between the plans and the budget;

3.Coordination of elaboration and preparation of the quarterly and annual reports on budget  execution and performance report of Institutions;

4. Monitor the budget implementation according to programs, projects and planned activities;

5. Strengthening national and International Twining and Partnerships.

6.Coordinate the elaboration of MINALOC staff and Institutional performance contracts;

7. Coordination of preparation and evaluation of Districts performance contracts;

8. Organizing, Planning and coordinating meetings between the Ministry and its affiliated agencies as well as Different partners;

9. Establish institutional relationship between the Ministry and other Agencies in the areas of Planning and Budgeting;

10. Monitoring of Joint permanent commission

11. Strengthening working relations with partners (Sector working groups)

12.Consolidating, Monitoring of Implementation status reports from different meetings

13. Reporting and Filing (Weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual)