Territorial Administration and Governance


The main mission of Territorial Administration and Governance is Promoting the well-being of the population through good governance.

Strategic Objectives of Territorial Administration and Governance Directorate

Good Governance and Decentralization

-To spearhead the mobilisation of the citizens  aspiring for their safety and well-being and contributing to national development;

-To reinforce mechanisms for inclusive citizen's participation in local decision-making and governance processes;

-To Strengthen the  Public, Private sector and Civil Society partnerships for effective delivery of good governance and decentralization;

-To assess good governance benchmarks across sectors especially decentralisation , service delivery, identify gaps and propose remedies;

-To provide politico-administrative entities with authorities democratically elected to enhance good governance and accountable leadership;

-To Increase efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery in Local Government;

-Strengthen democratic organizational culture and framework to ensure transparency and accountability

-Promotion of the media and media professionalism

-Territorial administration

-To enhance territorial administrative entities with effective functioning and working relationships based on Policies, Laws, Instructions, Decrees and strategic planning;

-To build well administered decentralised entities with enough capacity to provide excellent services;

-Strengthen local government capacities to improve and sustain socio-economic development, manage and coordinate sector strategies

Local finance

-To ensure that Local Governments are adequately and sustainably financed

-To improve public financial management practices in Local Governments

-Ensure PFM technical support in LGs

-Inspect PFM matters in LGs

Attributions entrusted to the staff of general directorate on territorial administration and governance

Territorial Administration and Governance Staff Contacts

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