The Permanent Secretary

The Roles Played by The Permanent Secretary

The Permanent Secretary is the senior technical staff of the ministry. He/she provides expertise to lower ministry officials and is charged with coordination of all the technical and administrative activities of the Ministry. He/she is responsible for:

- Establishing and implementing government policies, strategies and programs related to territorial administration, good governance, resettlement and Community development as well as welfare of the population

- Monitoring and executing the Ministry budget and that of the institutions under supervision of the ministry

- Supervising the functioning of institutions under ministry’s supervision. He/she collaborates with development partners and other senior government officials to ensure good corporation between their respective institutions and the ministry and mobilizes the necessary resources to implement ministry MTEF and other abrupt programs.

- Carryout research relevant to his/her attributions to ensure standardized and effective performance

- He/she reports to the minister and do any other duties assigned.