General Directorate of Local Government Inspection


In line with the Ministry of Local Government’s mission, Local Government Inspection Department aims at
ensuring the compliance with established laws, strategies and guidelines in the implementation of social
protection programs, Local economic development projects and service delivery in Local Governments.


1.Conduct inspection and on-spot inspection on social protection programs, service delivery and local
economic development projects.

2.Analyse the implementation of polices, strategies and guidelines related to the social protection programs,
service delivery and local economic Development projects and provide recommendations to the Ministry.

3.Provide early warning information to the Ministry of deviation from prescribed procedures, standards, norms and regulations in service delivery, social protection programs and Local Economic Development Projects.

4.Analyse and follow up the implementation of recommendations from inspection, assessment and Audit conducted by different institutions in Local Government

5.Coordinate the platform of the central government of Institutions that conduct regularly inspection, assessment and audit in Local Government.